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Calendered fabric

    Calendering is a popular product processing method in recent years, which can give a special luster to the surface of fabrics. Rolling through a calender is the main processing method for textile rolling. There are two commonly used calendering equipment, one is an electric heating calender, and the other is a pressure type calender. Electric heating calender, also known as electric calender, has three types of pressure calender: mechanical pressurization, oil pressure pressurization, and air pressure pressurization. Calendering gives the surface luster of the fabric, highlighting its rich and luxurious appearance, reflecting the wearer’s aesthetic taste and personal pursuit.

     The rolling temperature, rolling pressure, rolling frequency, rolling speed, and surface smoothness of the fabric during rolling are the main factors that affect the rolling effect of the fabric. The higher the temperature, the greater the pressure, and the more times the fabric is calendered, the more obvious the surface brightness of the fabric.

Post time: May-12-2023