• Fire Drill

    Fire Drill

    In order to provide employees with fire safety awareness and improve their fire fighting skills, our company held a fire fighting drill on April 28th, and our employees participated in it actively.
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  • Oct. 9th-11th, 2021 Shanghai Intertextile Fair.

    Oct. 9th-11th, 2021 Shanghai Intertextile Fair.

    Oct. 9th~11th, Changshan showes new factional and design fabrics on the Intertextile Shanghai Fair, on the booth we showed cotton, poly/coton, cotton/nylon,poly/cotton/spandex, cotton/spandex, polyester fabrics with dyed, printed and W/R, teflon, antibacterial, UV proof, flame retardant finishin...
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  • In 2021, the company’s operation and technology Games were successfully concluded

    In 2021, the company’s operation and technology Games were successfully concluded

    In order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to learn technology, practice skills and compare skills, our mill will open the operation technology sports meeting From July 1 to 30 in 2021 was held in five production workshops .  On the premise of ensuring the order production, each wo...
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  • Cotton Tencel Yarn delivered

    1*40′ HQ cotainer of cotton/tencel blended combed compact weaving yarn just loaded in the mill and will delivered to the cutstomer immediately, this yarn is made of 70% comed cotton and 30% G100  tencel origined from Lenzing company, Austra.  Yarn count is Ne 60s/1.  17640 kgs in the contai...
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  • Fire drill and force training

    Fire drill and force training

    On May, 22th, the security deparment effect the fire drill and force training activity, in order to enhance the awareness of fire fighting and teamwork. Forty security guards participated in this activity.
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        The USTERIZED LAB is equipped in the spinning mill, include CV testing, strength testing, yarn count testing, twist testing, the lab is also certifiedby CNAS.
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  • Finished Fabric Inspection

    Finished Fabric Inspection

    This is an inspection for the finished fabric effected by the QC from our client,  they will randomly select some rolls from the already packed fabrics and inspect the performance of the fabric and then check the piece samples from all the rolls to assess the color difference from differenct ...
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  • Trying new products on the loom

    Trying new products on the loom

    The technicans are adjusting the charactors on the loom, in order to load the new product design to the loom.    
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  • Breakdown Machine repair

    Breakdown Machine repair

    It’s already working off time, but two of the airjet looms were breakdown,  the technican Liang Dekuo applied extra working hours to inspect and repair them till they are recoverd successfully.
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  • Rushing for prodution

    Rushing for prodution

    In order to execute the orders successfully and deliver on time, the technicans are checking and modifying the charactors on loom.
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