Purpose of pre shrinking and organizing

    The purpose of fabric pre shrink finishing is to pre shrink the fabric to a certain extent in the warp and weft directions, in order to reduce the shrinkage rate of the final product and meet the quality requirements of clothing processing.

    During the dyeing and finishing process, the fabric is subjected to tension in the warp direction, resulting in a decrease in the height of the warp bending wave and the occurrence of elongation. When hydrophilic fiber fabrics are soaked and soaked, the fibers swell, and the diameters of warp and weft yarns increase, resulting in an increase in the bending wave height of the warp yarn, a reduction in the length of the fabric, and the formation of shrinkage. The percentage reduction in length compared to the original length is called the shrinkage rate.

    The finishing process of reducing the shrinkage of fabrics after immersion in water using physical methods, also known as mechanical pre shrinkage finishing. Mechanical preshrinking is to wet the fabric by spraying steam or spray, and then apply longitudinal mechanical extrusion to increase the buckling wave height, and then loose drying. The shrinkage rate of pre shrunk cotton fabric can be reduced to less than 1%, and due to the mutual compression and rubbing between fibers and yarns, the softness of the fabric’s feel will also be improved.

Post time: Sep-27-2023