Chenille yarn

  Chenille yarn, scientific name spiral long yarn, is a new type of fancy yarn. It is made by spinning down yarn with two strands of yarn as the core and twisting it into the middle. Therefore, it is also vividly called corduroy yarn. Generally, there are Chenille products such as viscose/nitrile, cotton/polyester, viscose/cotton, nitrile/polyester, and viscose/polyester.

  Chenille yarn is widely used in the fields of home textiles (such as sandpaper, wallpaper, curtain cloth, etc.) and knitted clothing due to its plump down, soft hand feel, thick fabric, and lightweight texture. Its characteristic is that the fibers are held on the core yarn of the composite, shaped like a bottle brush. Therefore, Chenille has a soft hand feel and a very full appearance.

Post time: Apr-15-2024