General methods for removing stains


Different fabrics should use different cleaning methods. At present, the main methods for removing stains include spraying, soaking, wiping, and absorption.


Jetting method

A method of removing water-soluble stains using the spray force of a spray gun. Used in fabrics with tight structure and strong load-bearing capacity.


Soaking method

The method of removing stains by using chemicals or detergents to have sufficient reaction time with stains on the fabric. Suitable for fabrics with tight adhesion between stains and fabrics and large stain areas.



A method of removing stains by wiping them with tools such as a brush or clean white cloth. Suitable for fabrics with shallow penetration or easy removal of stains.


Absorption method

The method of injecting detergent into the stains on the fabric, allowing them to dissolve, and then using cotton to absorb the removed stains. Suitable for fabrics with fine texture, loose structure, and easy discoloration.

Post time: Sep-11-2023