Mercerized singeing

Mercerized singeing is a special textile process that combines two processes: singeing and mercerization.

The process of singeing involves quickly passing yarn or fabric through flames or rubbing it against a hot metal surface, with the aim of removing fuzz from the fabric surface and making it smooth and even. During this process, due to the tight twisting and interweaving of the yarn and fabric, the heating rate is slow. Therefore, the flame mainly acts on the fuzz on the surface of the fibers, burning off the surface fuzz without damaging the fabric. 

The mercerization process is to treat cotton fabrics under tension through the action of concentrated caustic soda, causing the molecular bond gaps and cell expansion of cotton fibers, thereby improving the luster of cellulose fiber fabrics, increasing their strength and dimensional stability, eliminating wrinkles on the fabric surface before treatment, and most importantly, improving the adsorption ability of cellulose fibers to dyes, making the fabric color uniform and bright.

Post time: Apr-01-2024