the 48th (Autumn and Winter 2023/24) Chinese Popular Fabrics

At the 48th (Autumn and Winter 2023/24) Chinese Popular Fabrics Finalist Review Conference held recently, 4100 excellent fabrics competed on the same stage, and launched a fierce competition between fashion creativity and technical level. Our company promoted a “spring grass like silk” fabric, which won the excellent award. At the same time, the company was awarded the honorary title of “China Fashion Fabric Finalist in Autumn and Winter 2023/24“.

The fabric is composed of Modal, acetate fiber and polyester fiber, which integrates the advantages of Modal’s softness and moisture absorption, the luster and lightness of acetate fiber, and the breathability and strength of polyester monofilament, making the product light, sagging, soft, moisture absorption, breathability and nonperspective




Post time: Oct-27-2022