T/C 65/35 Antistatic workwear fabric

Package: plastic bag inside, woven bag out side
Lead Time:20-30Days
FOB Price: Please contact us for latest price
MOQ: Accept small orders.
Loading Port:Tianjin/Qingdao
Supply Ability:3,00,000meters/Per month
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, etc.

  • Composition: 65% Polyester Cotton 35%
  • Weight: 230g/m2
  • Width: 57/58”
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    T/C 65/35 Antistatic workwear fabric
    1. Material: polyester/cotton 65/35
    2. Yarn style: 21+A*16+A 128*60
    3. Weight: 230g/m2
    4. Width: 57/58”
    5. Usage: for workwear
    6. Sizing grid:1*1cm/0.8*0.8cm/0.5*0.5cm
    7. Shrinkage: European Standard/American Standard
    8. Colour: Custom-made
    9. MOQ: 3000M/per colour
    10. Anti-static fiber source area: Japan/American
    11. Certificate: EN1149-1/EN1149-3/EN1149-5
    12. Surface resistivity<2.5*10⁹ Ω Electric density<7uc/m2


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    Product Category
    1. Military & Police Uniform Fabric
    2. Military & Police Uniform Fabric
    3. Electric Arc Flash Protective Fabric
    4. Firefighter Fabric
    5. Oil&Gas Industry Fire Proof Protective Fabric
    6. Molten Metal Splash Protective Fabric (Welding Protective Clothing)
    7. Anti-static Fabric
    8. FR Accessories

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